About Shahak Avni

Avraham Shahak Avni is a self-made man with an impressive list of accomplishments. 

Avni has a BA in Business Development with specialization in Marketing from the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel and an MSc in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from City University.

He was formerly the Project Manager in Tadiran Communication, Special Detective in the Narcotic Department of the Israeli Police Special Forces and Head of Research and Development for Almenta Global Security.

Avraham Shahak Avni is a visionary entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He has founded CIS and runs Global Security Solutions, CIS International, Noaco Management, CIS Technologies, CIS Medical Services and Pegasus Flight Center. Avi’s business interests also include investments in Get Go Cube (a company that develops an IoT platform), Wonderbotics (an artificial intelligence robotics company) and Priori Park (a technology park based on the latest trends of innovation).

Founded with Avni’s wife Irit and family, Min Shemaya is more than just about holiday operations. They offer aid in so many different areas including medical care and school tuition fees that are needed on this unstable planet we call home!

The organization helps provide crucial services like helping ensure their safety while growing into adulthood–all with literacy skills necessary to make sure they can survive here too. Not only do Irit and Avraham provide these necessities but also any other thing someone might require from time-to day life as an average citizen living among others all around you every single minute of everyday whether you know it or not.