Avraham Shahak Avni is a philanthropist who is active in the field of social welfare for more than X years and who believes in providing disadvantaged youths and families with the guidance and opportunities to advance their lifestyle. He believes that all people should be given equal opportunities for success, no matter the background they come from. 

He founded Min Shemaya, an Israel-based charity fund that supports children, families, Holocaust survivors in need and other vulnerable populations. With his wife and family’s support, he has been able to provide for people’s basic needs – food, shelter and clothing – as well as more complex issues such as mental health care or education.

In addition to services like holiday operations, Min Shemaya provides vital aid for many different types of needs. For instance, Irit and Avraham Shahak-Avni help provide medical care as well as school tuition fees in order that children are safe from harm while they grow into adults with literacy skills needed on this unstable planet we call home.

In Judaism, a bar mitzvah marks the rite of passage from child to adult. The celebrations surrounding this event can be costly and some families struggle to finance them without support from outside sources such as companies or organizations within their communities. Min Shemaya also supports these institutions that organize these events for orphaned and needy children.

The Avni’s work builds communities by supporting the people in them. They provide food baskets to distressed families, and counselors who can help with sorting out finances if needed so that these individuals have more stable lives than just living off one check at a time. 

Min Shemaya administers medical care to families in need and supports organizations that provide Holocaust survivors with medicine, food and nursing support.