A company focusing on developing Smart Toys and products. In the last years, we've developed, manufactured and sold a number of smart connected toys all over the world. Toys and devices powered by sensors, processing capabilities, ultra-low power and wireless connectivity.


The commercial use of drones will revolutionize numerous applications, from package delivery to infrastructure inspection, mapping, and more. But large-scale operations, especially in urban areas, depend on getting access to shared airspace and providing autonomous, safe operations anytime and anywhere.

Cis medical

Agents for Provision of specialized medical services in Cyprus. CIS Medical is a leading player in the field of medical tourism Cyprus today

Dori Media

The group produces and distributes TV and New Media content, broadcasts various TV channels and operates video-content internet sites. The group owns approximately 7,500 Episodes, more than 7,000 3 minute clips, 120-9 minute webisodes and around 556 1-5 minute cellular episodes.


rioriPark offers a parking app that lets users who know that time equals money and look to quickly park in the best spots available in selected lots or garages. The company also focuses on creating new revenue streams for parking lot owners by leveraging technology, sensors, and data to create new user experiences.

As you stay

Israeli travel tech startup As You Stay works with 400,000 hotels and properties across five continents to help eliminate fixed check-in and check-out times. Using its app, travelers can select the precise time they intend to arrive and depart from a location and pay according to the hours of their stay.