Shahak Avni has always had values that guided his philanthropic and business endeavors.

Leading with Professionalism 

Maintaining a professional approach is essential to success in any business venture. It involves acting with integrity and being respectful to others, something Shahak Avni has always promoted.

Shahak believes in a constant process of learning about new fields and technologies. This knowledge helps recognize opportunities to start new products or services.

Creativity to innovate 

By adopting new perspectives on a subject, Shahak Avni finds new avenues to bring value to the world. Whether in business, investments, or philanthropy, Shahak knows to see the connection between allegedly different fields and innovate.

Appreciating by Giving 

Appreciation and sharing are an integral part of success. With his wife, the Avni pair founded Min Shemaya to support educational and health-related donations in Israel and abroad, working with the Jewish communities.